Beverly Smith Says: "Tyson Beckford May Not Make Me a Supermodel, But He Damn Sure Makes He Horny!"

Beverly Smith

My last entry had me getting home at 3 a.m. on Friday morning. Not cute. It was the official start of Fashion Week and my first day of covering the shows for BET -- why did I think that I could party like a porn star?

I arrived at the BET studio in desperate need of the entire MAC makeup line to cover the sins of the previous night! My look that morning was, “tore up from the floor up crack whore circa 1989.” In the words of Whitney Houston, “It wasn't right, but it was okay,” because the hair and makeup team of Traci and Unique pulled me right together and I was ready for BCBG!

We arrived at the tents and it was the usual mêlée, but due to a monsoon, add wet, slippery cobblestone. It kind of reminded me when the streets of the Meatpacking District used to flow with blood and trannie hookers; is this what they mean by TMI? Anyhoo, our first course of business was to hit backstage, looking for celebs and important fashionistas! First up, I ran into the makeup artist/legend that is Pat Mcgrath -- me love her long time! What a major girl!

Heading to the front of the house, photogs were snapping away at the heavenly Christina Milian! She had a ‘60s kind of tousled hair-do, a blend of Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe, very sexy yet ladylike! She gave a nice interview and her breath was very fresh (it’s worth mentioning cause its not always the case).

In the front of house, I caught up with supermodel Tyson Beckford! Tyson’s doing his thing on his new Bravo show Make Me a Supermodel Tyson may not make me a supermodel, but he damn sure makes me horny!

Other notables in attendance were R&B cutie Amerie, Cheryl Hines from my favorite show Curb Your Enthusiasm and the little white girl with the big black voice, Ms. Joss Stone. She was looking good and she was even wearing shoes -- go ‘head Ms. Stone!

The show itself was lovely, lots of cinched waists, mini skirts and gorgeous materials! Patrick McGregor at BCBG will be getting a call from Ms. Bevy about a good ole discount for a couple of looks!

After the show it was time to get ready for Baby Phat. Here’s the deal: call time for TV crews at shows is usually about two hours before the show starts. BCBG ended for me around 4 p.m. and then I had to be back in hair & makeup for a 6 p.m. call time at BP. Hectic but well worth it! Kimora’s show is the only one that has a slew of straight black men in the audience, so you know I didn’t mind being there early! KLS is my homie so she gets her own separate entry. You already know I acted a damn fool at the show, but if you want the full “deets” of my low life in high heels, ya’ll come back, ya hear!

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