Beards have become a trend again nowadays and every man today wants to grow one. Not everyone, however, is black with a fully fledged beard. If you see yourself in the mirror and find patches, then don't worry because you are not the only one. Patches are very common however they do not look good when you plan to have a full beard. Every individual wants to look good in a beard today and seeing the immense popularity of the problem many companies have come up with medicines and solutions that claim to remove these patches and get you a full beard. But the truth is there is no magical solution which can help you grow a full beard. It is therefore recommended to stick to what you have and improvise it in the best possible way. Following are some answers to those who struggle with patchy beard that will help you grow a beard that looks good:

1. Let your beard grow

Most people today do not give their board enough time to develop. It is worth knowing that every individual takes a different time to grow hair. At least give a month or two to allow your beard to grow before you put on a razor to it. Growing beard for that much long could be uncomfortable, and you might feel a lot itchy, but the result of a fool beard is going to be worth the effort and time.

2. Try the shorter look

Yes, the full beard looks good, but the shorter ones are almost equally popular. If you have patches, you should go ahead with trimming the regions which do not have much hair and instead let the rest part grow as much as possible. It is, however, important to ensure that you groom your entire jawline well.

3. Brush it well

If you have a limited area on your face which does not grow hair and facial hair grows well invest part then brushing it well will solve your lot of problem. Let your facial hair grow as much as possible and then brush the hair in directions so as to cover the gaps. It is optional that you make use of conditioner. However, you should avoid shampooing too much as it could cause the hair to become brittle.

It is crucial to take good care of your facial hair as you do for your hair on your head. For any man with a beard, it is imperative to groom yourself well to get the right look. If you have patches on your beard, then these answers to those who struggle with patchy beard are must for you to try and remember wearing darker clothes and match it with shades.

The use of the supplement is not recommended at all as there is less certain data available to show that these supplements work. The increase of biotin in your daily diet could help. Try increasing consumption of milk, carrots, and eggs. Do not get attracted to companies claiming high on their supplements to grow facial hair as there is no magical solution available out there. Facial hair transplant is also not a good choice as the procedure is not as successful as that of hair transplant for the head. Collecting useful information and sharing experiences with other people will help you a lot in grooming your beard in the best possible way.