1. Beirut is headlining the Northside Festival this year, as announced by Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz this morning. [BV]

2. Kanye West was shut out of the Balmain show at Paris Fashion Week when he showed up invited. Perhaps they agree that no one man should have all that power. [Page Six]

3. 20 sad Etsy boyfriends. [Urlesque]

4. IHOP is featuring chicken and waffles on its menu for a limited time. [Eater]

5. There was a possible UFO sighting in Williamsburg the other night. [FreeWilliamsburg]

6. John Cusak was actually playing Fishbone's "Bonin' in the Boneyard" in the first cut of the boombox scene in Say Anything. [via Daily Swarm]

7. Breaking: people who post a lot of photos of themselves on Facebook are attention-seekers. [Neatorama]