Behind the Scenes With DJ About Town Leslie Kirchhoff

by Maggie Dolan

As a freelance DJ and photographer -- and general girl about town -- New York-based Leslie Kirchhoff spends her days running between photo shoots, meetings and gigs. "My daytime is mainly photography and emails with maybe a meeting or two about DJ things," says Kirchhoff who regularly shoots for and Teen Vogue. "Then in the evening I look at music websites to find new songs, download some things, update my USBs and get ready for DJing. One day I'm going to bed at 4am and the next I'm waking up for a shoot at 4am. My life is seriously non-stop." Here we follow Kirchhoff on one of her jam-packed days from a street style shoot in Chelsea to spinning at the Hôtel Americano. "When I am DJing I love being able to control the sound and mood of a room," says Kirchhoff and on her dance floor you'll hear "a lot of disco, oldies, indie stuff, remixes, '80s...I kind of say it's 'dancy-disco-rocky.'"

Check out Leslie in this behind-the-scenes video we filmed with our friends over at Baby-G, above.

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