Beck's Son Joined Him On Stage + Malia Obama Saw One Direction = Today's Eight Items or Less

1. Watch (at around 50 seconds in) as Beck's adorable eight year old son Cosimo joins dad on stage during his show at the Santa Barbara Bowl in L.A. last night. [via Pitchfork]

2. Andrew WK has written a super-funny round-up of "Rookie Party-Thrower Mistakes." For instance: "I love cats. They have soft paws, funny claws, and fresh faces. They also pounce on bugs and play with them. I once saw a cat press down on a bug's body until it was completely flat. I love dogs too. They have smiling faces, wagging tails, and nice fluffy flanks for petting, patting, and stroking. However, too many of these beasts are crazed with foam rabies -- and that can turn a party into the petting zoo from hell." [via Flavorwire]

3. The kind folks over at TMZ helped make sense of this photo of Malia Obama at the One Direction show last night.

4. Thank you, Vulture, for this amazing guide to Pop Culture's Greatest Lanes. But what about John MuLANEy?

5. George Blackburn, the man who legally changed his name to Led Zeppelin II, died of a heart attack at 64. [via WaPo]

6. New York cocktail den Weather Up -- with branches in Tribeca and Prospect Heights and a recent Girls mention -- is opening up an outpost in Austin, Texas.  [via Eater]

7. Lower East Side music venue Cake Shop is in danger of closing! Give 'em your $$$ here!

8. Check out Noomi Rapace on the cover of this weekend's New York Times magazine? Remember when we were the first US publication to profile her? #humblebrag

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