Because It's Almost the Weekend, Here's a Naked Photo of Richard Gere


It's been a while since we shared any celebrity peen shots with you on, so we're glad to be able to update our files with this photo courtesy of our friends at OMG Blog. Behold, a black and white portrait of a sultry, c '70s-'80s long-hair-don't-care Richard Gere posing nude for photographer Gail Harvey. We're not sure where this photo is currently (it better be over an electric fireplace that has a fire raging in it 24/7), but were sure there would be many interested buyers should it ever go on market. As you'll see, Gere's showing just a glimpse of his officer and his gentleman, his Runaway Bride, his pretty woman, his Dr. T and his women, his American gigolo, his Mr. Goodbar, his baby blue marine. Ok, sorry, we'll stop now.  [Via Dlisted]

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