Beauty and the Beast On Blu-ray And DVD

Out now on Blu-ray/DVD combo is Beauty and the Beast: Diamond Edition (Disney). Though I often write about horror movies and mysteries, I'm a sucker for many of the Disney animated movies. The ones inspired by fairy-tales are, of course, often the best. Especially when Angela Lansbury plays a talking teapot! This was the first of only two animated movies ever nominated for best picture for an Academy Award, and it's quite charming. Set in a French village in the late 18th century, a prince is transformed into a beast and lives in an enchanted castle in the forest. The curse will be lifted when he finds true love. Sounds like a few people I know. Belle is the lovely lass who comes to the rescue when her father is captured by the beast and trades her life for his and melts the heart of the creature. While the songs are a bit cloying the animation is marvelous, and entire set pieces like "Be Our Guest" with dancing tableware is inspired. This Blu-ray/DVD combo looks great and has tons of extras. 

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