Beautiful People 2006: The Chapin Sisters

Imagine three silky-haired BoHo songbirds harmonizing to a sad, slow cover of Britney Spears's "Toxic." It's like Joni Mitchell meets MTV's Most Wanted. The Chapin Sisters -- from left to right, Abigail, Jessica and Lily (Abigail and Lily are daughters of folk legend Tom Chapin; Jessica is horrormeister Wes Craven's kid) -- are winking right along with the audience. The girls, who founded the band in 2004, grew up in Brooklyn. After all three had moved to Los Angeles, they began covering pop songs in a bare-bones acoustic style at clubs like Spaceland and The Echo. "We started off as a lark," admits Jessica. "Then we realized we wanted to take it seriously." The trio is about to record their first full-length album of mostly original material. "We write a lot of breakup songs," Lily explains. "We have songs about loss, jealousy and death, and a few songs about one-night stands."

The Chapin girls were bred on vinyl, listening to Neil Young and the Beach Boys as toddlers. As children, they sang backup on Tom Chapin records. The middle child, Abigail, admits to stints as a grunge girl, hip-hopper and punk rocker. "It was a rebellion against my family," she admits. The group, however, is definitely a family affair. Jessica's oldest brother, Johnny Craven, is their manager, and Tom Chapin offers them sage advice on making it in the record business. "He has taught us how not to sell your soul to be a rock star," Lily says. Hear their music at
Peter Davis

Abigail wears vintage clothing from Squaresville. * Jessica wears a vintage top from Squaresville, pants by Véronique Leroy. * Lily wears vintage clothing from Squaresville. * Cosmetics by Maybelline New York.


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