BARR + MEN Take Over the New Museum

Alex Catarinella

It's absurd to imagine an electro dance party at 7 p.m. sans alcohol being cool, right? So, like any inebriation enthusiast, I was skeptical/super interested in checking out BARR/Brendan Fowler performing with MEN at the New Museum this past Friday. But I left my doubts at the door as I entered the New Museum's downstairs space in what could have been a hipster-friendly basement party in Williamsburg, albeit with AC.

All eyes were on the insane, I-love-life-er Brendan Fowler/BARR and his frenetic performance, complete with rants about iPods and sometimes fun, sometimes intense spoken word lyrics -- can someone please give this character a reality TV show (or let us know what he's on)? Following Folwer, the Brooklyn performance art collective MEN (comprised of Le Tigresses JD Samson and Johanna Fateman, Michael O'Neill, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and Emily Roysdon) proved that all you need is some paint and lots of construction paper to make an epic entrance. Audience participants got their arts and crafts on as they stood on ladders and painted the outline of a house. Then, the door and windows were removed via box cutters to reveal the awesomeness that is MEN, who were ready for some electro-fying fun.

But holy Samantha Ronson! Recycled beats, flashing lights and a MacBook this was not. The uber talented JD Samson got the crowd in a tizzy, boasting crazy vocals and some head-turning killer fashion (somebody get me that hat!). Spotted getting her robot-dance on all over the place was the adorable Sia, who took the cake for the accessory of the evening -- a pseudo preggers belly. But a-ha! It sort of made sense, as she hopped onstage to sing my just decided new fave song of the summer, "Credit Card Babie$" about sleeping with your best friend. Sick beats were bangin (whistles!), paper planes flew into the crowd, and alarming dance-offs were in full force. And this was all before dessert... and without a hangover.

Photos by Carolyn Wachnicki

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