Barbie's Getting a New Wardrobe from Three English Designers of the Moment

by Max Kessler

In honor of her new standalone shop on the 4th floor of Selfridges, Matel commissioned three London-based designers of the moment -- Fred Butler, Nasir Mazhar and SISTER by SIBLING --  to make five-piece collections for Barbie and her crew. Butler gave the dolls deeply structural, origami inspired outfits, Mazhar brought luxury streetwear into the their sphere and SISTER's group is dressed to match the trio's A/W '13 runway. Selfridges' new Barbie department will showcase the best of designer Barbie collections throughout the ages and each of these outfits will be sold as special one-offs. Check out the three new collections below.

Barbie dressed by Fred Butler

Barbie (and Ken) dressed by Nasir Mazhar

Barbie dressed by SISTER by SIBLING

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