Bar of the Week: Bar Pleiades

Donhae Koo
If there's a frightfully long wait at recently-renovated Cafe Boulud, its new neighbor Bar Pleiades is just the spot to scare up a little mixologized something to help the time fly. The latest of Daniel Boulud's ventures and his second in the luxe-modern Surrey Hotel, Bar Pleiades brings Upper East Siders a side of glitz and glam with their cocktails. Drawing inspiration from Coco Chanel and 1930s art deco, the eye-catching bar and booths provide the most covetable of seats. In celebration of Halloween (or not) the booths are dressed up as Chanel purses dressed up as Chanel compacts. They're gorgeous enclosed things: black lacquer inlaid with a striking white diamond design on the outside (the compact), and on the inside, walls of that plush signature quilting (the purse) with banquettes gussied up in white shark skin. On the drinks side of things, innovative head bartender and world traveler Cameron Bogue was imported by Boulud from his restos in Vancouver. Bogue, who once motorcycled from China to India, uses his extensive travels as inspiration behind cocktails like the Fortune Teller ($19), a mix of tequila, black tea Cointreau, Amaro, lemongrass distillate, and Japanese bitters. While drink prices ranging from $14 to $19 may strike terror into the hearts of some recessionistas, knowing that cocktails are prepared with seasonal market ingredients and pretty much housemade everything (from the cranberry juice to the ginger beer to the candied pecan bourbon) may help loosen those purse strings. Trays of canapes won't be available for the munching until next week, but the earthy, blood red La Terre ($15) with beet-infused gin, red vermouth, Aperol, and grapefruit juice, is something you can really sink your teeth into.

Bar Pleiades
20 E. 76th St.
(212) 772-2600

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