You know how they have these laws which can limit the number of establishments with liquor licenses that can be in business on a single block or within a certain radius of each other. Well, how about a law limiting the number of banks that can open within each other. With banks, the price of real estate is apparently no object, as they continue to multiply like Starbucks in the night. Banks make no noticeable contribution to one's neighborhood other than enabling lazy New Yorkers to get their money fix a couple of blocks sooner than they might otherwise have to. In fact, they do harm by driving out local businesses that cannot keep up with soaring commercial real estate costs. The legendary Second Avenue Deli, which fed tens of thousands over the years has been replaced by a Chase Bank. Racked has been doing a good job tracking this. There must be other good examples of banks replacing venerable neighborhood institutions. Let me know if you think of any.

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