Aurel Schmidt in the Hamptons + Fuzzy Topsiders in Today's Eight Items or Less

1) Was that Aurel Schmidt you saw on the Hampton Jitney? Maybe! The artist (who we've profiled twice -- here and here) has a solo exhibit opening Aug. 20 at The Fireplace Project, the former Talmage garage across the street from the Pollock-Krasner House in East Hampton.

2) Head to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, and watch as artist Patrick Dougherty creates a massive, nest-like sculpture made from tree saplings and branches. The sculpture will be completed on Aug. 21st.

3 )After "hitting it off" at the Teen Choice Awards, Kim Kardashian and Chace Crawford "might go on a date."

4) Dockers is sponsoring the team "Profane Lobotomy" for the two-day 2010 Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship in Berlin, Germany, which kicks off this Friday. The whole team will we sporting Docker's very un-profane slim-fit khakis.

5) These Sperry for Band of Outsiders shoes remind us of a Gund stuffed animal -- in a good way!

6) Kanye West Twitter Update: "#VMA brainstorming the performance now" and "Drinking New York city tap water"

7) Somehow a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger only has 500 calories. We know what you're having for dinner tonight! [Eater]

8) Joseph Gordon Levitt has a brother who looks just like him (if he had braids) and is a professional fire dancer. [PopEater]

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