It took me 24 hours to recover from the ART PARADE which went off gorgeously yesterday. It was the best show downtown has seen in a long time in my opinion. What a flawless lineup of beauty-ous, freakazoids who created the most amazing visual and smart performances that paraded across grand street to a surprising crowd. PAPER of course had an incredible show of force. Yup I mean a police force: THE PAPER ART POLICE. Leading the troop was an incredible 1962 police car followed by PAPER peeps giving out "citations" to the crowd for lots of creative "violations" (bad ideas, ugly haircut , last years handbag, confusing art with fashion, star fucking, etc.) Right in front of the ART POLICE was Kembra Pfahler's "Death-mobile" filled with her Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black monsters singing up a storm. In front of them was the Citizens Band complete with supermodel member Karen Elson and of course the PAPER darlin' Sarah Flickert who were in a horse drawn cart. There were Flag spinners, marching bands and even Jeffrey Deitch himself in an ice cream truck. This parade was outrageous. As was the party that followed. Check out these awesome photos that someone sent us!


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