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See Rare Photos of the '70s NYC Punk Scene

As the photo editor of the downtown arts weekly SoHo Weekly News from 1979 to 1983, photographer Alan Tannenbaum got a front-row view of the city's exploding punk rock scene. In his work for the… Read Full Story

"Kiddie Flamingos" is a Real Thing Happening at John Waters' Next Art Show

Speaking with PAPERMAG earlier this month, John Waters mentioned that he had a solo art show coming up at Marianne Boesky Gallery's Chelsea location. But he didn't mention that Beverly Hills John would include a… Read Full Story
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The Nude Panda Calendar of Your Dreams is Finally Here

Mike and Claire by Rachel Stern, courtesy of Art F CityIn the name of supporting the arts, the diligent bloggers over at Art F City have posed the question: What do nude pandas look like?… Read Full Story
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Meet the Sensitive Hunks of Bushwick

Photo by Michelle MaThe invitation for Babes of Bushwick's opening reads, "The days of gratuitous boobie calenders are behind us. The time has come for chest hair and unbridled masculinity." Photographer Michelle Ma set out… Read Full Story
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Scope Vintage Photos From Tod Papageorge's Studio 54

Take a look inside legendary nightclub Studio 54 through the opulent lens of Tod Papageorge. Between 1978 and 1980, the photographer patiently documented a black and white version of New York City, that now only… Read Full Story
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New York's 10 Coolest Hidden Museums

While exhibits at the Met, MoMA or the Whitney might get most of the media attention -- and tourists' admission fees -- there's a slew of under-the-radar (and underrated) institutions scattered throughout New York City… Read Full Story
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Artist Roopa Vasudevan Is Turning Your Favorite Rap Lyrics Into Grills

The history of hip-hop's relationship with conspicuous consumption is nuanced, unlike some of the resulting lyrics. On Rick Ross' "Sanctified" Kanye West raps, "All I want's a 100 million dollars and a bad bitch."… Read Full Story
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10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week

Things are little slow on the gallery-opening front here in NYC.  Why?  Everybody is off to London.Nick Mauss.The latest editions of FRIEZE London and FRIEZE Masters open this week and run through October 18th in… Read Full Story

Jay Z and Beyoncé Won't Be Able to Take Selfies At Marina Abramovic's Latest Exhibition

Marina Abramovic's first solo exhibition in New York since her 2010 MoMA retrospective, The Artist Is Present, will be a whole lot of nothing. The artist just announced that Generator, opening October 24, will transform… Read Full Story

Damien Hirst is the World's Priciest Drug Dealer

Image via artsy.netYesterday, Damien Hirst's latest exhibition, Schizophrenogenesis opened at Paul Stopler gallery in London. The banal show, with a name that not even the gallerist can pronounce, is a slick production of pretty pills… Read Full Story
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A New Book Looks at the Art World's Star Wars Obsession

Tom Sachs, Vader, Mixed Mediums (2009)Star Wars fanatics -- and art geeks, too -- will get a kick out of a new online-only "book" called Star Warps. The image collection already includes over 400… Read Full Story
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Shia LaBeouf is Wearing Neon Spandex as Perfomance Art

We're honestly not sure if Shia LaBeouf is okay. Since he's stopped tweeting "I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE," the former celebrity has been tweeting the definition of "flame" ("to burst forth with strong EMOTION"), doing… Read Full Story
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10 Art Instagram Feeds That Aren't Totally Insufferable

While there are several major contemporary artists sharing -- and, in some cases, selling -- work on Instagram, it is the unsung up-and-comers in the field who are producing some of the most interesting content… Read Full Story
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10 Must-See Art Shows Opening This Week

Lee Quiñones • Howard the Duck, 1988 • Oil on canvas • Museum of the City of New York, gift of Martin Wong, 94.114.1Fans of street art, graffiti and calligraffiti have a lot to see… Read Full Story

Artists Jayson Musson and Alex da Corte Play Easternsports

When asked what was the inspiration behind Easternsports -- Jayson Musson and Alex da Corte's first collaborative piece that opens September 19th at ICA Philadelphia -- the contemporary artists listed off references ranging from Ja… Read Full Story
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Mr. Brainwash: A Street Art Impostor or the "Mozart of Our Century"?

Mr. Brainwash. Photo by Alessandro SimonettiThe legend of Mr. Brainwash, also known as Thierry Guetta and occasionally just MBW, is one of the most extraordinary in modern art. As a compulsive documentarian of his ever… Read Full Story
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New Museum's Julia Kaganskiy On Why A New Art-Design-Tech Incubator

(Photo by Neil Rasmus/ New Museum is a quirky place. Far from the uptown powerhouses MoMa, The Met, Guggenheim or The Whitney its Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa/SANAA-designed building sits on the Bowery sublimely doing… Read Full Story
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8 Must-See NYC Art Shows Opening This Fall

1. Kick off the fall art season with Brooklyn Museum as it continues its true romance with couture. Following the success of last year's homage to Jean Paul Gaultier, the Museum sets its sights on… Read Full Story
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Miley Cyrus teams up with Jeremy Scott to Give Her 5-foot Bong its Own Art Exhibition

Photo via V MagazineFrom the moment Miley Cyrus took her crafting game to the next level with her infamous 5-foot bong made of dildos, we knew that she was blossoming into a true artist. Since… Read Full Story
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Miranda July Wants You to Have a Threeway with Her New Messaging App

Have something important to tell a loved one? Instead of saying it yourself, download Somebody -- a messaging service app by the queen of magical thinking, Miranda July. In world where actually talking is… Read Full Story