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Independence Day

Actor Satya Bhabha was pretty much born to play the lead role in Midnight's Children. The film, directed by Deepa Mehta, is an adaption of Salman Rushdie's seminal novel chronicling India's history through an… Read Full Story

Like Crazy

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Michael Shannon isn't known for playing the funny guy, the romantic guy or the guy who saves the planet. He's known for playing ... a different type of guy. Of his most memorable characters, there's… Read Full Story

Camp Classic

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A Vietnam vet-slash-camp cook who humps a refrigerator and fondles his sweaters. An inattentive camp counselor who keeps letting campers die on his watch. A camp director who leads her staff into a downward spiral… Read Full Story

This Is Not a Story About a Wallflower.


Click to enlarge image. Blazer by Comme Des Garcons and sunglasses by Illesteva.Ezra Miller played Lincoln Center before he was a decade old and the Metropolitan Opera House not long after.             He… Read Full Story

Playing the Game with Ai Weiwei

Alison Klayman's journey to Sundance -- where she received a thunderous standing ovation this past January for the premiere of her documentary Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry -- was a circuitous one. Unlike most documentaries, labors… Read Full Story

Sister Act

"9:30 a.m.? What was I thinking?!" laughs Rosemarie DeWitt, on the phone from Los Angeles, the morning of our interview. The night before she was at a good friend's going away party. "She was sitting… Read Full Story


In this ambitious, audacious, transcendent new film from director Christophe Honore, real-life mother and daughter Catherine Deneuve and Chira Mastroianni play the film's mother and daughter, Madeleine and Vera. The devastating saga begins in 1964… Read Full Story

Keep the Lights On

Set in New York during the late '90s, Erik (Thure Lidhardt), a documentary filmmaker, meets Paul (Zachary Booth), a closeted lawyer, and a hookup turns into a deeper, long-term relationship. but Paul's demons -- repeated… Read Full Story

[Rec] 3: Genesis

Here comes the bride -- wielding a chainsaw -- in Paco Plaza's rollicking, blood-spurting, follow-up to the Spanish [Rec] series. In the third installment there's less of the shaky hand-held camera footage of the first… Read Full Story

Lights, Camera, Cameo!

In Dax Shepard's hilarious new indie-action-comedy Hit and Run, the Parenthood star and former Punk'd actor plays an ex-getaway driver who leaves the witness protection program for his girlfriend (played by actual GF Kristen Bell).… Read Full Story

End of An Era

Last April, to the dismay of the band's rabid fans, LCD Soundsystem threw in the towel, and played one last epic show at Madison Square Garden. Filmmakers Will Lovelace and Dylan Southern captured the historic… Read Full Story

Young and the Restless

The restless city in the film Restless City is a difficult city to live in; it's a New York where immigrants pushed to the margins live by pirating DVDs and pimping women. But rather than… Read Full Story

Oh, That Guy!

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Considering Jason Mantzoukas' resumeĢ is filled with guest spots and smaller films, you'd be forgiven for scratching your head at why his hirsute face looks so familiar starring opposite Sacha Baron Cohen in The Dictator… Read Full Story

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

In next month's Lola Versus, Greta Gerwig's character is nearing 30 and in crisis after her boyfriend dumps her just weeks before their wedding. She self-destructively reacts to the sudden rejection by drowning her sorrows… Read Full Story

The Queen of Versailles

In this documentary, director Lauren Greenfield takes a fascinating, grotesque look at the epic vulgarity of wealth in America, focusing on billionaire timeshare king David Siegel and his booby, bodacious trophy wife Jackie, as they… Read Full Story


This chillingly effective film by Craig Zobel was inspired by a bizarre true event that took place at a Kentucky McDonald's. Harried manager Sandra (a terrific Ann Dowd) receives a phone call from someone pretending… Read Full Story


Director John Hillcoat's gritty tale follows the three bootlegging Bondurant brothers who ruled Virginia during the prohibition years. It's a violent, messy saga. The film stars Tom Hardy as the hot-tempered Forrest, Shia LaBeouf as… Read Full Story

Tribeca Film Festival Portraits by Henny Garfunkel

Paper photographer and seasoned documentarian of film festivals Henny Garfunkel is making the rounds at Tribeca Film Festival, April 18th through the 29th, shooting portraits of actors and filmmakers. She'll be sending over her photos… Read Full Story

Whit Stillman

The last time anyone was able to say, "I'm going to see the new Whit Stillman movie," Bill Clinton was president, the Backstreet Boys were charming TRL audiences, and Stillman-acolyte Lena Dunham was only in… Read Full Story

It's Not That Complicated

As far as big breaks go, starring opposite Meryl Streep is about as good as they get. In 2009, Caitlin FitzGerald played Streep's eldest daughter in It's Complicated. And while totally in awe of The… Read Full Story