Artist Steve Powers Sends Love Notes to Cities

by Abby Schreiber
Coney Island. (Photo by Lula Rae)

Artist and sign-painting guru Stephen Powers (née ESPO) has a new book out this March that takes a look at his post-graffiti career creating public art in cities as varied as Dublin, Brooklyn, São Paulo and Johannesburg. Called A Love Letter to the City, the book is full of fun stuff like photos of Powers' large-scale works (which often come in the form of mantras, affirmations or, yes, "love letters" intended for the entire city), sketches, anecdotes from art world folks like Anne Pasternak and stories from Powers about his experience coming up in the street art -- and, later, public art -- scene. We got our hands on a few preview images (below) and you can grab a copy of the book HERE when it comes out on March 4.

Syracuse. (Photo by Adam Wallacavage)

Brooklyn. (Photo by Matthew Kuborn)

Dublin & Belfast. (Photo by Steve Powers)

Philadelphia. (Photo by Steve Powers)

Coney Island. (Photo by Steve Powers)

Philadelphia. (Photo by Adam Wallacavage)

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