Art Break! Stylish Types Took a Fashion Week Time-Out for Richard Hambleton's Exhibit at Phillips De Pury

Alex Chapman

Loads of fashion luminaries and chic stars packed themselves into Phillips De Pury & Company's multi-floored uptown location last night to celebrate the opening of Richard Hambleton's latest exhibit. "Richard was one of the biggest artists in the late '70s, early '80s in New York City," Vladimir Restoin-Roitfield, who hosted the event along with business partner Andrew Valmorbida, told us as we began our first loop around the exhibit's top floor. "He was the founding figure of street art in New York, and after a lot of success, he disappeared for 25 years. We've been reviving his career for the past few years, everything in collaboration with Giorgio Armani -- this is the end of a world tour," the curator, art dealer, and son of famed French Vogue ex editor-in-chief Carine Roitfeld explained. We thanked the handsome Frenchman for his helpful art history lesson, and continued to survey the exhibit with our new knowledge intact. 

We ran into loads of familiar faces along the way. Derek Blasberg caused a photog frenzy when he struck a pose alongside Restoin-Roitfeld. A stunning Alexa Chung traded stories with friends before promptly vanishing into the night, and a casually dressed (but still classically gorgeous) Lauren Hutton smiled and laughed while greeting fellow partygoers. 

How could all of these fabulous people be so boisterous and bouncy, especially considering we saw many of them at parties the night before? Does that 5-hour energy crap really work? "The great thing about New York is that it's the most energized place on the planet," a vintage Versace-clad Giovanna Battaglia (girlfriend of Vladamir and W Magazine stylist) reminded us. "I just landed this morning! I was in Milan. And what a great way to start my week with this exhibition -- It's beautiful."  

The room held its collective breath as the flawless Carine Roitfeld finally arrived. She was quickly whisked away by good friend Stephen Gan, who she adorably walked through the gallery with arm and arm. We would reconvene her later, but first -- a quick chat with Victoria's Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio for our frat boy buddies back home! What brought her out tonight? "I'm friends with Andy and Vlad, and it's Fashion Week, and I love art," the Brazilian beaut told us. Solid answer. Where was she before this? "I just came back from vacation -- I was in Hawaii and California." Soon after our Diane Sawyer-esque interview with Alessandra, we found ourselves standing right next to proud mama Carine, who sweetly took pictures with anyone who asked. How did it feel to see her son throwing another successful show? "It's the first time I've seen the exhibition -- it's very emotional. I'm very proud!" 

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