Ariana Grande vs. Daphne Guinness: Which Space Babe Reigns Supreme?

by Justin Moran

Outer space is trending today, as shown by the new extraterrestrial music videos from pop songstress Ariana Grande and fashion muse Daphne Guinness. We've decided to pit the two against one another in five categories to see which space babe reigns supreme. Watch the clips below and check out our picks.

"Break Free ft. Zedd" by Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande channels Barbarella in her new intergalactic video for "Break Free," featuring Zedd. The kitschy Chris Marrs Piliero-directed clip takes place in space where Grande effortlessly defeats evil aliens and casually launches rockets from her boobs with the flip of her ponytail. Rounding out the video is a spaceship dance party (because of course there's gonna be a spaceship dance party) filled with blue-faced vixens and Zedd spinning wildly behind the technicolor crew.

"Evening in Space" by Daphne Guinness

Style icon Daphne Guinness first hinted at an upcoming video for a song called "Evening in Space" in our summer music issue, and today, the anticipated David LaChapelle-directed visual was finally released via SHOWstudio. Produced by Tony Visconti, the dramatic track features cinematic strings with a grainy guitar, while Guinness' deep voice booms above like a modern-day Nico. "I spent an evening in space, man, feel like an alien/Far from ecstasy in a parallel reality," she moans, dressed in otherworldly Iris Van Herpen and Noritaka Tatehana pieces. Meanwhile, every frame looks like a high-fashion editorial, climaxing, literally, with a pink-skinned alien sex scene.

The Match-Up

Best Fashion
Grande's cutesy silver number is no match for Guinness' extravagant lineup of costumes, which comes as no surprise. In the video, Guinness rocks scaly, sequined bodysuits, draping silk evening gowns and a number of over-the-top headdresses, including one that looks like splashing water frozen in mid-air. Every single detail is accounted for from head-to-toe.
Winner: Daphne Guinness

Best Song
While infectious, Zedd's production doesn't add anything fresh to the music sphere quite like "Evening in Space" does. Guinness' sound revisits the tail-end of the '60s when psychedelic storytelling, organic instrumentation and glam-rockers like David Bowie dominated the radio. Grande's voice -- and that range! -- is awesome but it's almost so perfect that it loses all sense of humanity. Imperfections shouldn't always be smoothed over.
Winner: Daphne Guinness

Best Direction
Both spacey clips take on this mysterious world with a campy, tongue-in-cheek approach, but LaChapelle's magical direction offers something far more eye-catching, instead channeling old-Hollywood glamor. The emotional moment when Guinness slowly falls to the floor and dramatically shatters her clear headdress could play on repeat for five-minutes straight and that alone would be more epic than Grande's entire repertoire of videos.
Winner: Daphne Guinness

Best Storyline
An alien dance party is fun, but an alien sex scene is better.
Winner: Daphne Guinness

Winner Overall: Daphne Guinness
Congratulations, Ms. Guinness--You're absolutely breathtaking and life-changing in every possible way. Bravo.

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