Are Cass McCombs and Albert Herter the Same Person?

by Gary Pini

Before making a wild guess at who really directed today's video for Cass McCombs' "Big Wheel," let's just say we doubt that it's really the man credited, Albert Herter.  The track is off McCombs' latest album Big Wheel and Others, and the clip -- which you'll have to watch a couple of times -- is a frenetic collage of colorful images, graphics and film clips that looks like the opening credits of a movie.  It's slick and cool and works perfectly with the song.  And the director?  Sure, it's possible that there's another person with the same name as the American artist who passed away in 1950. In fact, he's been credited as the illustrator of several McCombs album sleeves, and they've even co-written a short story. But maybe, if we can quote Mr. Herter from the blog As It Ought To Be, he's really an "elaborate persona constructed for the outside world, to get the job done."  Perhaps he's been "constructed" by Mr. McCombs?

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