Archie's Same Sex Marriage Issue Sells Out + Photo of Andy Warhol Looking Like a Regular Guy = Eight Items Or Less

1. No, those aren't monsters. They're just photos of dogs mid-shake. [Imgur/Pinterest]

2. Check out this
"Omniscient Siri" iPhone 4S case. [Laughing Squid]

3.  It's Jon Bon Jovi's 50th Birthday and Lou Reed's 70th. 

4. Look at these amazing napkin drawings. [Flavorwire]

5. An Archie comic featuring a same sex marriage plot sold out despite boycott instigated by American Family Association's One Million Moms project. [The Daily What]

6. Look at this rare candid photo of Andy Warhol just chillin' and roller skatin'.  [Animal]

7. Daphne Guinness is donating 100 pieces from her clothing collection to a Christie's charity auction. [The Observer]

8.  Look at these adorable baby sloths get shaved and swaddled to combat mange (which, is a disease, by the way). [Buzzfeed/Death + Taxes]

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