Antonio Azzuolo's a.a Collection Immaculate As Per Usual

Martin Marks
Far too often do we -- those who write reviews -- get stuck in our heads about what we want to say -- we are in a rush, attempting to capture staccato glimpses of any given collection, trying to remain coy and aloof, framing our praise and criticism in trends or themes, in the color of a shirt or the fit of a coat. For various reasons, we often fail to express what's really on our minds. These were the thoughts I had when I attended yesterday's presentation of Antonio Azzuolo's a.a. collection at Milk Studios, because although I have written about him and written about him and written about him and written about him, I've yet to say what's really on my mind, which is this: Azzuolo is a tremendous designer, perhaps one of the most talented menswear designers out there right now. And yesterday's presentation proved no exception. His most masterful work, as ever, lies in his suits, and the collection's progression into tuxedo jackets seems a natural fit, especially given Azzuolo's focus on luxury. Highlights of the collection included a cream, double-breasted sweater with white lining, and a handsome dusty blue hunter's coat with a peach-toned shoulder-guard. With the recent announcement of his being selected to join the incoming class of CFDA Fashion Incubator participants, it's gratifying to see Azzuolo receiving the attention that he deserves.

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