Anthony Lister's "Adventure Painting"

by Mally Espaillat
Anthony Lister, Cause and Defect

Anthony Lister, a Brooklyn/Brisbane-based street artist, has challenged everything we thought we knew about good and evil-in the trippiest way possible. The Australian's first solo exhibition at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Power Tripping, opened on June 28th, and features bright, eye-catching colors and brushstrokes contrasted with deeper, more somber tones and lengthy layers of paint dripping in a method he calls 'adventure painting,' an experimental style that encourages accidents. The collection is made up of comic book-esque superheroes and villains in powerful stances: hands on their hips in a show of confidence, arms triumphantly raised in the air -- think: Superman, but a bit more abstract.

Lister, also known for his street art, has left his mark -- or, rather, tag -- in Brooklyn prior to the show, having painted portraits and strokes of bright colors on old pieces of left-behind furniture, walls and fences. Along with the exhibition, which will go on through July 26th, the artist will paint a public mural for the L.I.S.A. Project NYC on Mulberry between Canal and Hester, with a bronze edition and hand-embellished print replica of the piece to follow.

Anthony Lister, Lady Guard

Anthony Lister, Super Natural Disorder 1

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