Another Bad Creation's "Playground" Is Our Music Video of the Day

Gary Pini

Here's a group whose legacy puts them somewhere on the historic spectrum between "one-hit-wonders" and "where are they now?" Actually, Another Bad Creation had two hits in the early 90's: "Iesha" and today's oldie-but-goodie video "Playground," but who's counting. Oh, did we mention "worst band name"?  On the bright side, they were a cute Atlanta boy band that knew how to dance and fell under the umbrella of Bell Biv DeVoe and the wonderful -- but also short-lived -- world of new jack swing. Street life was simpler in 1991, but the playground was still a little rough around the edges and the boys "gotta be home by dizzark."  We'll bet Tyler, the Creator's mom lets him stay out later.

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