Annyong from Seoul: Last Night

I am back from my brief sojourn to Korea. It was so much fun and everyday was new adventures galore! So before I forget everything and fall into a slumpy daily grind mode, I would like to recap my travel -- backwards starting with the freshest nuggets from my memory.

During my last night in Seoul, pretty much everyone I knew in the city (new and old friends) got together at this makgulli joint called Chin Chin in Hongdae. [Sidenote: Makgulli, the Korean version of Nigori (unfiltered rice wine), used to be  considered a peasant drink, but it's now having a renaissance moment and artisanal makgulli is all the rage in Korea.] Designer Doo-Ri Chung was in town on a quickie business trip and she came and met us with her friends too. It was Sunday night and rainy so the place was pretty quiet. When I went there two nights ago, you couldn't get a table it was so jam packed. We consumed an obscene amount of makgulli and shut the place down. The people who worked there were so over us because we wouldn't leave and I kept asking them to take group photos of us. But it was worth it, I think. 

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