Anna Wintour and Clint Eastwood Anger Republicans

David Hershkovits
Things are going so well for the Democrats and Barack Obama that the Republicans are now finding cause to complain about Anna Wintour and Clint Eastwood.

Vogue editor Wintour, a known Democrat fund raiser, has come up with the wonderful idea of rallying her designer community in the service of raising money for the Obama campaign by having the likes of Marc JacobsThakoon Panichgul and Derek Lam design relatively inexpensive t-shirts and bags that will go on sale next week (see some of the items above). Here the Republicans, who are all up in allowing corporations to donate as much as they want via Super Pacs, are nitpicking the rules about whether these t-shirts violate guidelines for political donations. Thank you once again Republicans for drawing attention to Wintour's initiative and giving it the kind of publicity that guarantees sales galore.

"Half Time in America" was the refrain of the much-discussed two-minute Super Bowl ad for Chrysler narrated and starring Clint Eastwood. Seeing conspiracies every which way they look, Republicans (aka FOX-TV's Karl Rove) have jumped on this as an illegal payback of a quasi political ad for Obama who bailed out Chrysler and basically saved the auto industry. The fact that Eastwood himself has never been a raging Democrat and opposed the bailout seems to have been lost in the ether. Also, I don't remember anyone complaining last year (when the election was two years in the offing) when a similar pro-America/pro-Detroit ad ran with Eminem delivering the message. Will every report on the improving economic situation be deemed pro Obama and subject to Republican whining? Probably.

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