Angel Haze's Revolutionary "Battle Cry"

by Abby Schreiber

As if you needed another reason why Angel Haze is the most fearless MC in the rap game right now, she just released a new video, "Battle Cry," whose content -- like the song's lyrics -- goes into thematic territory rarely seen in rap videos: childhood sexual abuse, doubting one's faith, self-harm, and resilience. Haze has been outspoken about her own history overcoming sexual abuse (listen to the excellent track "Cleaning Out My Closet") and here the emphasis is on how the rapper's risen above the trauma. The clip shows Haze rhyming amidst wrenching scenes of a man molesting a young girl (presumably meant to symbolize a younger version of the rapper herself) and a young woman cutting herself and throughout the video we see spectral flickers of Sia, who's featured on the track. But despite the heavy subject matter, the song's ultimately about personal strength and, like its name, leaves you feeling rallied and inspired. Check it out, above.

"Battle Cry" will be released as a single on March 17 and you can listen to Haze's debut album, Dirty Gold, HERE. Keep you eye out for Haze in the latest issue of PAPER!

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