Andy Spade's Avant Garde Preschool!

Only Andy Spade's wild imagination would be capable of coming up with this idea. As a dad to a toddler named Bea, Andy is spearheading his latest project called The Avant Garde Preschool, and yes it is what it sounds like. On June 21st my dear friend Karen Kimmel will be helping launch this kooky school with her newest big idea for kids called the Art of Exchange Stencil Workshop. Kimmel is one of my longtime favorite artists whose work often is expressed through amazing social sculptures where she acts as sort of an orchestra leader with others in order to direct the results without totally controlling them. If that sounds confusing check out her awesome work on her site here.. I invited her to participate in MY AMAZING FRIENDS show recently and when I introduced her to Andy Spade, he invited her to launch his preschool at a wonderful kids event. Tell every interesting person you know who has young kids (4-8 year olds) to check this out at Partners and Spade. Tickets are only thirty bucks, and not only does that include the workshop, but also Kimmel's limited edition stencil and coloring book kits. Hell, I'm an old lady but I'm gonna go!!!!!!!! Space is limited so reserve at

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