AndrewAndrew Insta-Review Cat on a Hot Tin Roof + More

By AndrewAndrew

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof
Lindsey Lohan famously failed to capture Elizabeth Taylor's je ne sais quoi in the recent made-for-tv biopic, but then who really expected her to? The bar is set considerably higher for Scarlett Johansson as she takes on the role that Taylor made famous in Tennessee William's Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Fans of Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter no doubt have equally high hopes for Benjamin Walker 's first "serious" role in this story of infighting, alcoholism, and infidelity within a self-made man's southern dynasty. Can these two stars make these iconic characters their own or are they caught in the cinematic shadow of the 1958 film classic? Find out in our full review!

Life and Times
Life and Times is a musical adaptation of a verbatim transcript of half-remembered childhood events. From sleepovers to first crushes and beyon, does this eleven-hour(!) marathon of the mundane speak to the sublime universality of experience or is it an exercise in self-indulgent experimental theater? Find out in our full review!

The Jammer
A romantic comedy about a crisis of faith at the roller derby? Where do we sign up? But, really, is this just an over-blown fringe show or can these caricatures of old-timey archetypes make us really care about the outcome of the big game? Find out in our full review!

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