Andrew McCarthy to Read from Bret Easton Ellis' Imperial Bedrooms Tonight

Peter Davis
Bret Easton Ellis has embarked on a massive, multi-media tour to promote Imperial bedrooms, the follow-up (25 years later) to his first novel, Less Than Zero which was written when he was 20 and came to define youthful sex and drug excess in the 80s. After a party at the Chateau Marmont's infamous penthouse last week, Ellis and over 300 fans were at the Coronet Theater another night for live readings from Ellis' previous novels like Glamorama, The Informers, The Rules of Attraction and Lunar Park. Hosted by James Van Der Beek, the highlight was when Joel McHale did a very dramatic reading from American Psycho. "Where were you when they made the film version," Ellis asked McHale afterwards. A short, sexy film, directed by Matthew Ross starring Van Der Beek and Kip Pardue in the roles they played in The Rules of Attraction, was also screened. Today at the Barnes and Noble in Union Square, Andrew McCarthy, who played main character Clay in Less Than Zero, will reprise his role by reading as the (somewhat grown-up, but still drugged-out) Clay from Imperial Bedrooms. If you can't make the Barnes & Noble reading, there will be another Ellis event tomorrow night at Book Court in Brooklyn. Less Than Zero and Imperial Bedrooms both take their titles from Elvis Costello songs and on Ellis' website, you can stream music from all of Ellis' novels or purchase them directly from iTunes. From New York, the B.E.E. world tour motors on to Europe and Australia. (Don't you love the new cover of Less Than Zero, designed by legendary graphic designer Chip Kidd, to match the Imperial Bedrooms follow-up?)

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