André Saraiva and Andrew Richardson Tell Us How They Lost Their V-Cards at Colette's Sex Party

Maggie Dolan

Last night, Le Baron was the setting for Colette's Valentine's Day Sex Party, co-thrown by the Ace Hotel, Araks and Richardson magazine. Designer Olympia Le Tan and her sister Cleo hung by the DJ both with Annabelle Dexter Jones playing shoo bop songs like "One Fine Day" and "Why do Fools Fall in Love?" Cecilia Dean huddled at a third floor banquette with Anne Christensen and Oliver Zahm. As the night grew gritty, guests tossed dollar bills at a lingerie-clad go go dancer and got loose on a disco-balled dance floor.

But before things really kicked off, we pulled club-owner André Saraiva and the editor of Richardson magazine, Andrew Richardson, into one of Le Baron's dark corners to talk about -- what else -- sex.

What's the difference between Parisians and New Yorkers?

André Saraiva: I don't really like the Parisians here. I would love to be the only one.

Instead of Valentine's Day do you think there should be an official 'Sex Day'?

AS: No, every day is a sex day.

Do you guys remember your first times?

Andrew Richardson: Yeah it was good. It was quick.

AS: You rarely remember your first time clearly. I have vague memories pieced together.

AR: I remember the girl. My parents had an apartment in London, and I was living in the Middle East at the time, but I was back and we went to the apartment and graduated from rubbing to actual penetration.

How do you think the Americans and the French differ when it comes to sex?

AR: The Americans are terribly repressed and the French are open and happy to f*ck.

AS: And this is a thing I learned being back in France: American men have this obsession with big tits. It's a big tits country.

What do you think a woman looks sexiest in?

AR: Nothing.

Best song to have sex to?

AR: The sound of rain.

AS: No, no the sound of the girl just going 'Ah, ah, ah' -- that's the best music ever. That makes you come right away, a noisy girl.

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