Anamanaguchi Launch a Pizza Into Space In "Endless Fantasy"

by Abby Schreiber

Nintendo dance punkers Anamanaguchi are back with a new video for "Endless Fantasy," a song title that gets us thinking about some dreams of our own. Pizza doesn't figure prominently in any of them but that's not the case for the female protagonist in this video. The clip opens with a shot of a girl in her bedroom before showing her riding a bike through the streets of Brooklyn to a pizza parlor where the camera focuses hypnotically on some spinning dough. Later, the girl buys a pie, takes it up to a rooftop, and launches it into space with the help of a massive balloon and other assorted contraptions. (And, yes, they really did launch the pizza into space with the help of Kickstarter funding.) The video perspective shifts and we start following a slice as it leaves Earth before landing in a dark rave-y party. Pizza for all!

"Endless Fantasy" is the title track off of the band's new album of the same name, out now

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