An Antwerp-By-Way-of-Bali Jewelry Designer Makes Gorgeous Baubles Inspired By Mental Disorders

by Abby Schreiber
Fittingly for Antwerp-by-way-of-Bali jewelry designer, Heaven Tanudiredja, his creations are just as fascinating and complex as his multinational background. With previous experience designing for Dries Van Noten, Tanudiredja launched his own line six years ago. He's wowed the fashion world ever since with his intricate, glittering baubles that have ranged from sophisticated pendant necklaces to exuberantly over-the-top body armor. The designer's current spring collection includes statement bangles and bibs that he creates from "a caging system that is either coated in precious metals or a color powder-coating process," the designer tells us. Many feature grasping hand and wheel ornaments, recurring embellishments in his Fall/Winter 2013 collection inspired, he says, by mental disorder. "It sounds heavy but in truth, I try to sculpt the beauty behind the chaos," the designer explains. You can find Tanudiredja's creations at Blake Chicago. Scope more photos of Tanudiredja's work, below.

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