We've always loved the work of the British photographer Nick Knight, but we came to love him even more after following some of those awesome ideas he's been throwing out into the ether for the past five years on his inspiring website called SHOWstudio. Knight began the website in 2000 with some friends who decided to create a place where culture could be created and ideas experimented with. His latest brainstorm is called  AMAZE ME and is a project that has already started and will go on through December of this year. Inspired by the "brief" that art director Alexi Brodovitch once issued to photographer Richard Avedon years ago, "simply amaze me!",  Knight's idea was to give people an opportunity to amaze their inspirational heros in the fields of fashion, music, art direction, and just plain thinking. The contest, sponsored by Play Station Portable, takes place in  five cities (London, Berlin, Antwerp, Dublin and Milan) and has already begun in London last month where the Brit gurus (which included our favorite fashion heros Isabella Blow (above right) and IDs Terry Jones) each set out brief inspiration requests and invite people in those five cities  to amaze them with their creative solutions. The winners will not only win Playstations but get to spend the day with their heroes. Next stop is Berlin on the 19th of October.


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