All of Michael Kors' Amazing Quotes from Project Runway

by Elizabeth Thompson

Someone who is a genius has amassed all of Michael Kors' fabulously insane one-liners from his 10 seasons on Project Runway. "She just looked like Rigatoni Mad Max," "it's crazy disco turkey" and "unless you are going to a Joan Crawford St. Patty's Day party, who is wearing this blouse" are our favorites. But really, they're all gems. [ImWithKanye]

Here's a University of Wisconsin dialect survey of how the nation pronounces the word "pecan." Go team "pick-ahn!" "Pee-can" is some East Coast b.s.! [ParisReview]

Here's is a video of a parrot JAMM-ING to "Gangnam Style." Parrots shall inherit the earth. [TastefullyOffensive]

Steve Carrell went on Ellen dressed as his character from Despicable Me.

SWOON. [LaughterKey]

Murdering Amanda Bynes' vagina is still on Drake's to-do list. [JuliaSegal]

Enjoy these photos of Leo having "me time" on some rocks. [RatsOff]

Also, this. [RatsOff]

For all of your Prancercising GIF needs. [DailyDot]

Thank you and goodnight! [OldFilmsFlicker]

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