AleXsandro Palombo's Anorexic Art Attack

Peter Davis

Artist AleXsandro Palombo is attacking anorexia in the fashion world with a series of drawings depicting female cartoon icons -- like Betty Boop, Jessica Rabbit and Snow White -- as skeletons on the cover of glossy style bibles. "We live in an anorexic world of values, ideas, principles and ideals," Palombo tells me. "It's all great publicity, pure fiction, and we have turned fiction into truth. I play with ideas and lay bare the truth, something that lies before the eyes of us all. And if that's scary, it means there's something wrong with people's lives and they prefer not to see. I'm an artist with my own language, which absorbs everything society produces and represents today. It comes from the gut and doesn't lie. I have my world and my imaginary. I promote my own irreverent surrealist realist current. Like it or not, I go my own way without denying it." For more of Palombo's work, check out her blog.

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