Alexander Skarsgård Plays a Shirtless Cult Leader in Cut Copy's "Free Your Mind"

by Max Kessler

Alexander Skarsgård is very shirtless and very much in need of a new hairstyle in Cut Copy's new video for "Free Your Mind." Set against an pulsing electro-beat and a chorus all about embracing freedom and faith, Skarsgård plays some sort of self-professed messianic cult figure who needs to leave his own sect to find freedom. Or something. Things you'll find include meth-making (after all, 'tis the season for a Breaking Bad reference), communicating with dogs, sexxxy sex (which, shockingly, only minimally involves A-Skars) and an oddly anticlimactic "escape" at the end. Open your mind to the message of the video or free your mind while watching a shirtless Skarsgård, above.

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