Alexa Chung, DJ Alexandra Richards Strike a Pose at Kim Crawford Wines and Miles Aldridge Fête

 Kim Crawford Wines invited a fabulous and fashionable set last Thursday to the Cedar Lake Studios to enjoy a unique, interactive photography experience with photographer Miles Aldridge.  While sipping bevvies provided by the winery and listening to tunes by DJ Alexandra Richards, guests could observe fantasy-like tableaus ranging from a glittery disco to a Midsummer Night's Dream and featuring models and nightlife personalities striking their fiercest poses inside. In one instance, partygoers could even hop into the frame amidst the extravagantly costumed characters and have the chance to be photographed for Kim Crawford's ad campaign.  Check out pics of everyone from Alexa Chung to Real Housewife of New York Kelly Bensimon getting in on the action.

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