Ahead of Their "Three-Way Stereo" Song, Watch NightBus' "I Wanna Be You" Video

by Gary Pini

WARNING: This is not the "three-way stereo" song mentioned in the New York Times today, but it is the same band, NightBus. At one time, the LA/London-based band was signed to Island Records and in 2010 they released this track, "I Wanna Be You." Tomorrow they are planning to release a new single called "When the Night Time Comes" that promises to change the way we listen to music, or at least to cram three songs into one. They've accomplished this by using stereo in a new way: the left and right channels each feature different versions of the song and, when balanced properly, there's also a third version. In the meantime, check out the video for "I Wanna Be You," above.

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