Actress Lake Bell Wins Screenwriting Award

By Jauretsi Saizarbitoria / Photograph by Henny Garfunkel
Lake Bell has always been obsessed with accents. The actress confesses, "I did in fact carry around a tape recorder around with me and accost strangers who had cool accents." It was this interest that led her to create In a World..., a film she wrote, directed, starred in, and won a U.S. Dramatic Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award for at this year's Sundance Film Festival, about a broke vocal coach who aspires to break into the voiceover industry, despite having a competitive father known as the most famous movie trailer voiceover artist in the biz. "The voiceover industry and that whole world is fascinating to me" she told us at her film's Sundance screening before revealing that her curiosity with voices began, in fact, when she was a child. "My parents lived in different states [when I was growing up]," she says. "My mom was in Florida and my dad in New York, so I got to fly around as an unaccompanied minor every other weekend...I would love to stop in Atlanta just so I had the chance to coerce [flight attendants] to do the safety announcements," she says. "So you know I was really lobbying for this job for a long time."

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