About Last Night...Ruffian for Threads and Heirs Launch Party

Caroline Torem Craig
WHAT: Luigi Tadini hosts the launch of Brian Wolk and Claude Morais' Ruffian for Threads and Heirs menswear line for Macy's

WHERE: The Ace Hotel

WHEN: Tuesday, March 23

WHO: Luigi Tadini, Lorenzo Martone, Brian Wolk, Claude Morais, Faran Krentcil, Mickey Boardman, Peter Davis.

''Faran, your hair......you look like Lady Godiva!''
"Funny, you say that, the New York Times wants to do a piece on my hair."
"You've got to let them put you in a nude body stocking on a white horse and romp through Central Park."


''Claude,where did the name 'Ruffian' come from? Isn't that kind of associated with a rough-and-tumble 'hooligan' kid from the 1920's?"
"Exactly. That's who we are!''

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