About Last Night... Wendy Williams Steals the Show at Scott Barnes' Book Launch

Alex Catarinella and Caroline Torem Craig

It was a gay dream come true last night at Hotel Gansevoort's intimate and sexy Provacateur, where celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes celebrated with many of his fab clients and admirers for the launch of his book, About Face, Amazing Transformations Using the Secrets of the Top Celebrity Makeup Artist. All eyes were the gorgeous Jennifer Lopez in her sexy black mini accompanied by hubby Marc Anthony. I didn't get a chance to chat with J.Lo due to the aggressive drag queens snapping their new Facebook default pictures with her, but that's okay. Because I got to chat with the lovely Kelly Rowland who told me she loves the Destiny Child girls, but her dance-y solo record featuring Akon and more David Guetta (yes!) is up next. I then hit the dance floor in the company of Kelly and Kat De Luna where Kat's "Wind it Up" got the crowd in a tizzy. Kat, whose colorful dress was designed by Christian Siriano (also in attendance), told me that the worst makeup situation she'd experienced on a shoot was her own fault. "It was when I decided to do my own makeup. It was so bad I couldn't use the pictures!"

Hands down, the gay Gods shined a light on me when I approached the most hilarious diva of them all  -- Miss Wendy Williams, who was telling the models on the runway to "WORK!" I DIED when she told me "you have a beautiful smile." Thanks girl!!

And because she's that damn amazing, here's our little exchange. (I refrained from asking her "How YOU doin'?")

If you could spend one day with any Jersey Shore cast member, who would it be and why?
Snooki. You know why? She's a fun girl who wants nothing more than a good time, loud music, and a partner to dance with. And sometimes, when life gets really stressful, I do reflect when I was 21, and I totally understand. She is coming on again later on this week and we're going to redo her hair to give her a little fantasy do, but secretly, I'm a Jersey girl, I get the vibe.

What is your one must-have makeup item that you can't live without?
Now? Chapstick and Aquaphor. But you know, I don't wear a lot of makeup in my own life anymore, because I get so done up for the show. So now I have an appreciation for sunglasses and Chapstick... and a wig, of course!

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