About Last Night... The World According to Garp Screening Presented by The Week and Blue & Cream's One-Year Anniversary Party

Caroline Torem-Craig

There I was at this little low-key, intimate screening of the 1982 film >The World According to Garp, presented by In-House, sponsored by The Week, and hosted by Philip Seymour Hoffman, when surprise guest Glenn Close stood in front of the small audience and reminisced about making the movie. "It was my first movie and I was very apprehensive about making the transition from stage to the screen and voiced that fear to the director," she recalled. "His reply was, simply, 'you're right.'" Robin Williams showed up with all sorts of mannerisms left over from Mork and the patient director [George Roy Hill] would simply say, 'No Robin.'" She went on to recall how "John Lithgow for his part wore this marvelous pair of breasts and at one point I looked over at him relaxed in his chair fondling them and he said to me, 'Glenn, they are turning me on!" When Philip spoke, he said that now that he has three children, he looked at the movie through their eyes, and also shared that his mother was a little bit like Garp's.

Then it was off to Blue & Cream, the boutique on The Bowery, for its one-year anniversary party. Clueless that I am, when someone, who shall remain anonymous, whispered in my ear,"There is no one else here over 30," I took special notice of all "the fine young cheeky cannibals" attending the party.

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