About Last Night... The Cinema Society + MCM Host a screening of "OBSESSED"

Caroline Torem-Craig

Last night, The Cinema Society and MCM presented the well appointed premiere of Obsessedheld at the School of Visual Arts. All the film's stars -- Beyonce Knowles (who was showcasing her magnificently toned dancer's legs), Idris Elba, Ali Larter, Jerry O'Connell and Christine Lahti were there, dressed to the nines. It was an unusual night on the red carpet as no one was grumbling, knocking each other over or making snide remarks... just sighs of appreciation for the celebs who posed long enough for us to snap their photos. Serenity was interrupted only once when someone in back of me noted that Jerry O'Connell has made love to just about every beautiful woman in Hollywood at some point cause every one wanted to make love to the little fat kid from Stand By Me!

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