About Last Night... The 6th Annual National Underwear Day at Espace

Caroline Torem Craig & Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

I caught the giggles more than once at last night's National Underwear Day fashion show. It was quite a frenzy of tight, taut models in tight, taut undies. Upon entering the space, models were standing on the catwalk, on display, most with some sort of message on their underwear like, "Welcome," or "Not made in China." When you find yourself at eye-level with someone's undies, taking close-up pictures of them for work, you can't help but blush.

Team Diesel was dressed for an imaginary game of football, wearing nothing but shoulder pads, helmets, and (of course) Diesel undies. The Sean John boys had a playboy feel to them, as if they were the
smooth, urban version of Hugh Hefner, strutting the catwalk in sultry pajamas with matching robes. For the more proper ladies underwear brands like Le Mystere and Wacoal, there were a lot of sheer, dusky colors being used in combination with lace. And the 2(x)ist crew came out on the catwalk to thunderous applause from the audience.

Then, there were the occasional boys in jock straps. Now that, I shall leave that to your imagination.

Photos by Caroline Torem Craig

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