About Last Night... Tara Subkoff's Bebe Film Screens at Norwood

Rebecca Suhrawardi Austin

Tara Subkoff can now add filmmaker to her long list of creds. She
orchestrated a short for her new collection for Bebe and we got to preview the film-noir-inspired, Hitchockian thriller last night. She co-wrote it with Carrie Fischer (yes, of Princess Leia fame) and the star was none other than Lydia Hearst. Titled Femme Fatale, it was actually pretty damn pleasing in the visual department and I have to give my hats off to Tara for that. When I asked her what her biggest challenge was to making it, she laughed and replied, "The 16mm camera breaking halfway through the film! That's why it's a mixed media piece." But more importantly, how did they come to cast Lydia? "She was in two previous shows of mine, and really, she is the perfect Hitchockian blonde."

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