About Last Night... Sean John Women's Launch Party

Caroline Torem Craig

Right across Fifth Avenue, facing the lions of the New York Public Library, lies the Sean Jean store. The other night, I headed there for the launch of P. Diddy’s new women’s collection. Everyone waited patiently for the man of the hour in a half circle around the entrance. Sure, folks were drinking and chatting, but everyone was there to see -- up close and personal -- the man who represents both opulence and extravagance while still maintaining enormous street cred. Sean gives new meaning to the word "impeccable," both in grooming and in dress. His raw silk suit was a silvery gray and tailored to a tee. Cassie, the singer, was a real photographer's dream. I heard a hundred “Cassie, over here” and “Cassie can you pose alone” and “let's get a photo of the other one!" The "other" one is equally lovely Lauren London from Entourage. Posing in front of a huge life-sized poster of themselves, it looked Cassie and Lauren (the brand’s spokesmodels) were two sets of twins for a moment -- how cool would that be?? Speaking of "cool" it was hot enough that the paper fans that were given out were definitely in use.

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