About Last Night... Lulu Frost's Summer in the City Party Hosted by Alexis Bryan Morgan and Elettra Wiedemann

Caroline Torem Craig

Last night's Lulu Frost party, hosted by Alexis Bryan Morgan and Elettra Wiedemann was beyond chic -- once you got past the 90 degree weather outside and the ascent. It was a fifth floor walk-up. Do you have any friends (mountain climbers don't count) who would have hauled themselves up five flights for your party? I don't! But Lisa Salzer -- she who is behind the fabulous jewelry line Lulu Frost -- certainly does! Erin Fetherston, Derek Blasberg and Luigi Tadini all made their way to the party, as well as new-mommies-to-be Alexis Bryan Morgan and Kathryn Neale Shaffer, who were spotted patting each others' tummies! Hanuk, dubbed, the "Warholian-like creative man-about-town" by PAPER's own Peter Davis, was also in attendance, cheek-to-cheeking (his signature pose) with gorgeous Kate "Never Not Smiling" Schelter, and according to him, his "favorite photographer" -- moi!

HANUK was there, cheek-to-cheeking(his signature pose) with gorgeous KATE -never not smiling-SCHELTER and according to him his FAVORITE photographer ...me!

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