About Last Night... Erin Wasson + RVCA Launch Party

Johnny Misheff

Erin Wasson's party for RVCA on a Lower East Side rooftop last night was a garden party on a roof to end all garden parties on roofs. Hmmmm... well it was. The DJs saw to it that the music was as dance-able as could be and Belvedere Vodka kept pouring drinks far after the point where they probably should have stopped. It was FUUUUUN. The event was a presentation and subsequent celebration of Erin's line for RVCA, which is fantastic and made for the confident woman in mind. I was especially taken by the not-too-flared flared jeans which state "Legalize It" on the back pocket. I caught up with Erin at the party and demanded that she GET INTO IT with me. Here's what went down:

My first question is, what is this line all about?
This is about worlds colliding. This is about hard work. This is about doing something with your hands.

Tell me more about what you've been doing with your hands!!!
Picking my nose.

Stop it.

The new collection on Saturday with Alexander Wang is all sterling silver that's been oxidized. It's like urban gypsy. It's stacked up to here, like mad high.

What's up with "Legalize It??"
I'm saying legalize whatever you want. I'm saying... legalize gay marriage everywhere. I'm saying legalize love. I'm saying legalize marijuana. Everybody's too uptight and taking shit too seriously. Legalize yourself. Make yourself free.

OK. Love that. I'm gonna start right now.

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