About Last Night... At 45 Canal St. with Terence Koh

Caroline Torem Craig

First in show and showmanship, the celebrated artist Terence Koh stopped all traffic at 45 Canal St. with a little help from fellow artists, friends and fans. There was designer Zaldy in floral bondage and some serious representation of over-sized white-framed glasses by Jeffrey Deitch, Genevieve Jones, and The Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black (a.k.a. Kembra Phaler). Is this a trend or an omen?

I got so confused when it appeared that there was a look-a-like Damien Loeb and a Thurston Moore duplicate. To add to this dream-like sequence, I encountered the acclaimed artist Star, who happens to be a bunny and not just any ol' stuffed rabbit.

Inside or outside 45 Canal, you should have been there!

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